1. What the real size of your project is?

2. Do you know what the real perimeter of your project is?

3. Is your system architecture too complicated?

4. Did you get the right quotation by the potential Providers?

5. Did you include all the elements to get the full cost of ownership?

6. Are you sure about the business benefits of your project?

7. How does that project impact into your Business Processes and Organization?

8. Is your project over-running the budget or the schedule?

Again, ICS can help you with a wide range of service for Project Management:

1. Initial sizing, Business Need Assessment,

2. Functional Specification and System Architecture,

3. Project Budgeting,

4. Request For Quotation and Quotation Rational Comparison

5. ROI calculation,

6. Project Management,

7. Project Development,

8. Turn Key Projects,

9. Process re-engineering and Change Management,

10. Technical documentation and training.