Methodology is very important when you do a project, this is more important when you do a project for a Customer.

We have our methodology and templates covering all the aspect of a project:

  • Business Needs Assessment

  • Functional Specifications

  • Project Planning

  • Initiative set-up

  • Request For Information

  • Request For Service

  • Project execution

  • Project Management

  • Reporting

  • Project Closure and follow-up

  • Special for Due Diligence

  • others

... but we are more than pleased to use yours

We also have our tracking / monitoring methodology to make sure everybody is doing his/her own job in the team, avoiding misunderstanding in tasks ownership, etc.:

  • daily briefing

  • weekly project check

  • monthly project/program review

  • monthly reporting

We share and publish (in secure way) all the project documentation on-line (no e-mails difficult to track anymore!) and you can access with just a click at your fingertips whenever you are in the world LIKE THIS

Full functionality is available to our customers with one active project in our network.