Legal Information

Privacy policy

This policy is applicable to usage of this site and relationship you have with us via e-mail, share point data storage, CRM data base. This policy is not applicable to services offered by other sites you can access using the external links published in this site. Responsible for your data is that you can contact clicking here. Data are stored in the servers of Google and Zoho in secure environments. All the transmissions are encrypted. We will not share your data with anybody else within our network and just in case they have to work for you on a specific project that you ordered to us. Also in this case, you will know who is using what. We are not going to publish anything about our customers without their written permission. We don't collect your information, we will just treat what you send us and just for the specific service you required. We do not use any kind of coockies. In any moment you may require which data related to you are stored in our network and you may ask the cancellation. To do this click here and send us an e-mail with your request. This privacy policy is also under the Terms of Google where you can also report abuse using the links at the bottom of every page.

Terms of service

The service you demand will follow the rules you set and we will follow simple common processes as following:

1. You may start with a Request for Information or Request For Quotation

2. We may need to do an assessment

3. We answer with the Information required or with a Quotation

4. Upon your acceptance, we expect your Purchase Order

5. We answer with Purchase Order Confirmation, then we start the job

6. Once the job is finished and accepted, we bill you according to the Purchase Order

7. Payment: wire transfer, check, money, credit card as you prefer.


It depends on the service and content you get and it will be regulated by the PO you place to us, but as general reference 3 to 6 months warranty are always covered.

You may want extended warranty or maintenance services: these will be discussed separately, object of a specific order. But we can tell you since now: you will be happy because our purpose is to serve you at best prices.


Documents: we don't want to bother you with forms or formal document to fill up, we can use the forms and templates you are accustomed to use in your business practices or manage everything via e-mail if you like so and it is allowed by law in the Countries where you require our services

Legal regulations: we respect the law of each Country where you demand our services, as simple as that!

In case of issues (litigation, missing payments, etc.): we will be supported by FEDERMANAGER.