Join us

If you like the "network" concept we have and if you have the requirements to join us, you are more than welcome.

We are looking for people to join us because it's interest of the entire "network" to extend in geographies and domains always new. And this is also the interest of the people and organizations we serve around the world.

At the same time we must be selective because we want to have just the best in class to offer to our customers both from technical and ethical stand points.

We apply membership rules inspired to ethic of Ordine degli Ingegneri, as such we also "fire" people not in line with those rules.

Once both of these 2 things are clear, you are welcome to apply for membership of IngPM.

  1. Being part of means that you are not alone in doing your job as professional. You can benefit from us and we all can benefit from you.

  2. You may need help and support for administrative task, our associates help each other in the common interest of increasing business.

  3. You have access to the IngPM domain with an ID, enabling you to use all the Google systems listed at the page Tools customized with logo IngPM as it looks in this website.

  4. You can use our name and web site as ‘business card’ in your relationship with potential customers. You can also build your own website within the domain.

  5. Apply for membership writing to, send us your CV, we will call you, set up a 60 minutes conference call, fix an interview in person, then we will make a decision about invite you at

  6. The client relationship will typically be managed directly between you and your client, with support from the network and functional resources when needed.

  7. Your relationship with it’s non-exclusive.