Code of Conduct

The IngPM Code of Conduct

Status of this Code

This Code (supplemented by the Website) sets out the principles of professional conduct that are owed by IngPM to Members and Clients, and that Members should follow in their dealings with Clients, IngPM and other Members. This Code is intended to embody the underlying cooperative philosophy of the IngPM network and to be a tool to help Members demonstrate the value and benefits of the IngPM model to clients. As such, Members are encouraged to communicate the contents of this Code and the information on the Website to Clients and Prospects.

Professional Conduct

IngPM’s reputation depends upon the conduct of its Members. It is a condition of entry to and continued participation in the IngPM Network that the Member complies with the Code. IngPM is a collaborative network, and relies on Members to honestly and genuinely mine their list of Contacts for Prospects that may require interim managers and to contribute these Prospects to the IngPM database.

Guiding Principles

Members will:

1 Behave at all times in a professional, ethical and courteous manner with Clients, Prospects, other Members and IngPM representatives.

2 Act in good faith regarding the transfer of Contacts to IngPM and reserve only such contacts as the Member reasonably believes are not suitable for the IngPM business model.

3 Promote the value of the IngPM business model and the value and benefits to clients of the IngPM network.

4 Not act on any Engagement where to act or continue to act would create a conflict of interest. If the Member is unsure on any particular occasion whether this principle applies, the Member should discuss the issue with an IngPM representative.

5 Not undertake any Engagement without a Standard Purchasing Order and written contract between the Member and the Client. The Member should aim to agree a detailed project plan with the Client setting out the terms of all Client work including the deliverables, timeframes, financial or other targets, fees, attendance requirements overall estimated duration and remit of the Engagement within 10 working days of the start of the Engagement. The Member should use or adapt the IngPM templates provided on the Website for these purposes.

6 Communicate clearly and succinctly with Clients using business notepaper or e-mail (not personal or home e-mail except in exceptional circumstances).

7 Not impose any contractual terms on a Client that are abnormal in the industry or unfair (examples of unfair terms include retaining copyright in work that the Client has paid for beyond the date of payment or setting unusually low limits or exclusions of liability).

8 Use reasonable efforts to minimise the environmental impact of their activities, including minimising their use of transport and using public transport wherever practicable.

9 Promote equality and diversity amongst workers and not condone or be involved in discrimination on grounds of age, race, religion or sexual orientation.

10 Use reasonable commercial efforts to obtain the consent of the Member’s Contacts to pass their details to IngPM’s central database and to allow IngPM to contact such prospects directly. Members may adapt IngPM’s recommended standard introductory communication for this purpose but should retain the essential elements that deal with obtaining the contact’s informed consent for Data Protection Act purposes.

11 Respect the confidentiality of Client information, whilst ensuring that where practicable the Client’s consent is obtained to pass Client confidential and contact information to IngPM for the purposes of allowing IngPM to maintain overall relationship management with the Client and to build IngPM’s knowledge base and best practice for the benefit of all the Members. These issues are addressed in the IngPM Terms and the Member should thoroughly explain these to the Client before the engagement commences.

12 Respect and adhere to clients’ requirements and policies during attendance at client sites (including relevant HR, site safety, conduct and dress code policies).

13 Use best efforts to honour commitments made to clients and IngPM. Members will be prompt for meetings and deliver projects and deliverables on time.

14 Capture and display the results of all services performed in a clear, concise and permanent output (including written reports and recommendations, project plans, attendance notes, financial projections).

15 Maintain and keep up to date the Member’s Prospect information and calendar of availability.

16 Upload project plans and timesheets every 4 weeks (the first such timesheet should be signed by the client 2 weeks after commencement and the project update is due 4 weeks after commencement; so that timesheets and project updates are staggered by two weeks)

17 Actively contribute to the Knowledge Base and the newsletter and respond to requests for case studies from IngPM.

18 Keep clients regularly informed of progress and fees status.

19 Ensure that all client complaints or issues raised with the Member are communicated to an IngPM representative (whether or not the Client has requested escalation).

20 For keeping the above mentioned obligations, use the tools offered by IngPM: Google Doc, Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Site, Google Forms, MSN as Instant Message, Skype, (as CRM), for collecting feedbacks

IngPM will:

1 Behave at all times in a professional, ethical and courteous manner with Clients, Prospects and Members.

2 Treat all Members fairly and allocate opportunities for work to Members based on objective criteria, taking into account each Member’s skills, knowledge and experience and matching this to Client’s requirements. Subject to this IngPM will give the Member who referred the client contact first refusal on any work for that client.

3 Regularly communicate to Clients and Prospects regularly informed with relevant news and information

4 Process Members, contacts and clients data in accordance with the Data Protection Act at all times.

5 Set up training, networking, promotional or similar events at least twice each calendar year and invite all Members (and where relevant, Clients and Prospects) to attend.

6 Keep full and accurate records of all Prospects, Clients, Engagements and Fees (both invoiced and recovered) and provide such information to Members on request (subject to any confidentiality restrictions).

7 Provide prompt and professional advice and assistance to Members’ questions.